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Franschhoek families execute a safari

Five families. Ten adults (but could be classified otherwise) and thirteen children from Franschhoek decided to go on safari. South African, Dutch, Australian and Scottish. A cocktail recipe for disaster. The unfortunate hangover was for the neighbouring campers, that unbeknown to them, had to endure the onslaught of Franschhoek-on-tour. Your neighbours from the bottom-of-the-barrel; soused in wine around the embers; puffing cigars and espousing wisdom into the night when everyone else was tucked up in their sleeping bags hoping to listen to the sounds of the african night. The parks boards of Namibia and Botswana inundated by complaints about the adults, not the infants. Many planning sessions around Franschhoek lunch and dinner tables culminated in the first en-masse grand expedition into the bush. Into Namibia, up to Etosha, along the Caprivi Strip and the snaking Kavango River, and into the pan-handle and swampland of Botswana.
The painful lesson learned by those campers is that if you want peace and quiet on safari in public spaces, go out of school holidays and avoid families from the winelands!

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