Stage 2 Marathon des Sables 2016: Comms from Ash

Now that she is in the thick of the race, only now do you realise what an immense effort this is.
Here are her postings from her departure from the UK, via my brother Nick:
8 April: Ash left Mells yesterday afternoon and spent the evening with her tent buddies, a chicken burger and a Diet coke at a Gatwick hotel. After a 7am flight full of MdS athletes she made it to Morocco in one piece this morning – there’s a pic attached of her with the guy who started it all – Patrick Bauer. He founded the MdS and has co-ordinated every race since – a helpful person to meet!
As you can see she looks stress-free, happy and relaxed, which is brilliant news for the next week. She definitely left us in good spirits – all your well-wishes have helped hugely so thank you for those.
After a 6 hour bus journey she will be in camp this evening. Tomorrow is an admin and medical check day. Any news from her and I will update you tomorrow.
9 April: I heard from Ash last night. ..‘Very windy night and very cold I had to really layer up. Packed weighed in at 7.5kg which is ok. The first day is the massive chebbi dunes which is quite scary. Tent mates are great.’
10 April: I haven’t had news from Ash overnight but she managed to get a text away just before the race started:
‘It’s me the morning of the race massive sand storm last night but slept through it and was warm we are about to head into the biggest dunes in Morocco! Feeling excited and emotional!’
10 April:‘sorry so late to email, today was a difficult first day with miles and miles of massive dunes and very very hot… I felt ok but savage wind and bar-simm said the hardest first day he has ever experienced. I am hoping tomorrow will be better but I got through it….. thanks so much for all those who sent emails they have been great going to bed love you all very much.. hope you saw the web cam xxxxxxx
Barr-Sim is a chap from Frome who has done 3 MDS before
11 April: ‘day 2 done…41km today of hot slog… It took me 8hrs 45 and was as toughas yesterday but in a different way. No sandstorms and less wind but still quitewindy. I walked abit with an oldman fromZim called Ash and also with agirl inthetnt next to me. Tentmates verykind and lovley to me. I have heat rash and a few blisters but feet inok state. Ihvehad somanylovley messges tonight… 3 pages!!! amazing and really greatmotivaion.Tell the kids I went to doc trotters! they fixed up my feet. Love my play lists they mad e mecry yesterday….Thought aboutyou alot today…xxxxxxxxxxx PS sorry the spellingso shotthe key board is cvered in sand and does not work properly xxxx’

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April 12, 2016 at 11:04 AM

Such a great endeavour of your sister in law!

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