Mana Pools, Zambezi shoreline, Zimbabwe
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Mana Pools and Chitake Springs canoeing and walking – up to 10 guests

These are canoeing and walking trails in their purest form, through a variety of habitats, in a spectacular wilderness area running along the southern bank of the Zambezi River in northern Zimbabwe.

Mana Pools and Chitake Springs are particularly atmospheric places, from the parkland feel of browsed Albida Acacia on the floodplain, the mighty Zambezi on one side and the blue hills of Zambia on the other, to the intensity of Chitake Springs on the Mana Pools escarpment. They all offer great diversity and it is no wonder that there is a deep sense of safari history here with some of the greatest names in guiding calling Mana their home.

Being able to walk with a highly trained and proficient Professional Guide amongst some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife is a privilege all safari enthusiasts should experience. Being on one’s own feet in the African veld is the ultimate way to experience wildlife and nature. The proximity to so many animals is the most intimate way to understand the natural ecosystems and most rewarding way of photographing the animal’s one is viewing.

Canoeing on a very wide river with many hippo, crocodile and various other large mammals is not possible virtually anywhere else. Birding is excellent, water is clean and the guiding quality excellent. Safety is critical as with very good logistical back-up makes this an excellent way of experiencing the Zambezi River.

The degree of exertion can be tailored to your needs: Walk from Chitake Springs to river and you carry your own bedding and food. Or you could have a more leisurely experience of walking from mobile camp to mobile camp along the floodplain next to the river.

Mana Pools National Park on the banks of the Lower Zambezi must qualify as one of Africa’s most beautiful parks. The shaded pools, carpeted in hyacinth and lilies, attract game to drink throughout the day. Shy bushbuck, kudu, eland, impala, and elephant all take their turn whilst buffalo and waterbuck make their way to the sandy banks of the Zambezi. Elephant wander through the tented camps overlooking the river, as they forage for acacia pods.

Walking is the purist form of safari and this mini-expedition reflects a tradition stretching back to the early years of the twentieth century, when pleasures were simple and time was luxurious. We prefer camps to be set up in a remote location, far from tourism’s well-trodden path, with comfortable tents, warm showers and al fresco dining under the stars.

The intimate wildlife encounter gained from being on foot is like no other, making for an experience of memorable intensity, and one which are fully able to enjoy, thanks to their skills in bush craft.


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