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Following the aroma of Hospital Food

In the heart of Old Riga the doors opened at restaurant “Hospitālis” where everyone can enjoy a pseudo hospital atmosphere. Its creation involved Latvia’s largest hospitals and Medical history Museum, contributing to its authenticity is the fully restored attributes of the diverse medical offices from the Soviet era. It is rather bizarre. The menu sticks with the theme, with items listed in Latin, and you can opt to eat with surgical instruments instead of traditional cutlery.

The introduction on their website reads:
The conceptual idea belongs to Māris Rēvalds chairman of Riga’s managing medical offices at Health Centre 4.
If the thematic restaurant creates any doubts about a united sense of style, then in ‘’Hospitālis” it is of fine balance between irony or black humour of the doctors and a high- class, fine dining restaurant, reflected by it’s interior design, décor and menu. Also, bearing in mind of our present situation, we are considering a new proposal to expand our clientele by opening a new bistro “Lazarete”.
If our clients wish, it is possible for them to become a patient and choose between having a meals in a stylised and sterilised operating room or even pseudo morgue, where there are screens showing medical related episodes of the gory practice.
Our menu is in line with medical theme of restaurant .It does not include standard basic international dishes although we do take our food very seriously .Also for those in a hurry or for the unpretentious diners, a nostalgic hospital lunch is on offer, served in plain dishes , although the quality is of the highest standard.
If you are the adventurous type with steady nerves, you will find various dishes hidden in Latin, you will be “tickled” by their appearance and unique presentation, for example:”Compressed brains with the right or left eye.” This menu section contains warning: ” During serving, the moving abilities of the client (patient) are restricted.” This being because you are in “Madhouse” sipping soup, spoon-fed by the nurse (waitress) while being dressed in a camisole made in compliance with authentic sample, whose cut-out is borrowed from foreign psychiatric hospitals .In line with specifics of your chosen meal, you can utilise surgical instruments instead of traditional cutlery, whilst you will be drinking cocktails from glass test-tubes usually used for taking sample analysis.
We also cater for parties on the theme of your choice depending on what “operation is to be performed” the staff of “Hospitālis” will be more than happy to accommodate you and your guests with marzipan fingers or other parts from amputation or or completion of your meal.
We also offer various medical related souvenirs.
“Hospitālis” breaks all generally accepted pre-assumptions about hospital as a place where various manipulations are performed. This is a place of surprise, where you can experience things what you usually are afraid of with the smile of your face while enjoying tasty meal. Since pleasant memories about hospital are often related with smiling nurses dressed in gowns take care of patients instead of common waitresses.
Also, “Hospitālis” service fee needs to be placed in an envelope with the word – “Thanks”!
It will not only make everybody smile about the absurdity of their medical experiences, but also characterize “patients” senses about visiting our restaurant.

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