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The greatest migration on earth – update from Rekero in the Mara

Gordie ‘Sailripper’ Owles brings you the first in a series of reports on the goings around Rekero Camp in the Masai Mara, as this year’s migration completes another revolution.
We knew it would be a good one but it really has passed all expectations and now we are able to reflect on three whole months of wildebeest action.

Out on the plains the guides and guests have been able to ‘top trump’ each other on a daily basis with extraordinary sightings. While back here at camp even those of us who have been more sloth like have not missed out. The Rekero crossing has never been so busy and we have been able to view much of it from the comfort of camp chairs. Even in these last few days we have see big crossings from this side of the Talek river to the other, but now down from thousands to hundreds. What we see now are mainly just the stragglers. Once on the other side they have been heading in a determined way southwards towards the border. With the lack of rainfall here until today it means that Tanzania is where they will now almost certainly stay as they start the long trek south towards Ndutu for calving early in 2010. So it is with some relief that I say that is our lot for now, but will be happy to think of the herd turning back north towards us sometime in January.  Dudu
End October 2009
With rain at last circling around most of Kenya, Dudu may have been a bit premature in waving goodbye to the migration last week, as they have done a mini loop right back to camp. There are still some river crossings and there appears to be an overall reluctance to leave these fine plains. I can understand that resistance because we all suffer a similar urge to stay here when the time comes to head home. However the fundamental difference between them and us is that we have much less to fear from what lurks in the luggas and in the long grass.
Photos courtesy of Martin Vivian Pearce.

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