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Fishing report from Kenya's north coast

The East African dung beetle, Gordie Owles has filed a recent fishing report.
The exceptional fishing along Kenya’s north coast has continued into February. This has generated huge enthusiasm amongst keen fishermen and women, of all ages, and has drawn them from all over the globe to the small hotel in Malindi called Driftwood. The main focus for boats from Malindi and Watamu has been the sea directly out from the beach. It is here that the sailfish have been running in huge numbers.
Out to sea, almost further than the eye can see, these boats have been doing great business, with single boats catching more than six sailfish in a short day. When one considers that a short days fishing is about five hours, that is at least one an hour and with weights ranging between 60kgs and 230kgs these have been very successful outings. This in itself is amazing, but the real records are being broken by huge amounts of blue and black marlin being caught. These two billfish are amongst the most prized of all deep sea catches so you can imagine the excitement and commotion along this coast amongst the fishing circles.
For those less interested in fishing, the days in Malindi continue to be calm and very hot. Fisherman or not, as the day ends, you get to enjoy the benefits of this ocean being fuller of fish than it has been for years. Out under the stars with the Indian Ocean breeze on your face nothing seems better than the freshest tuna, grilled, seared or sashimi!

Photos courtesy of Martin Vivian Pearse

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