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Scorpions, Spiders and Lighting Fires with the Bushmen of Tsumkwe

A boy scout trip with a couple of bushmen at Meno a kwena is always going to throw up some surprises. Fire was always on the cards but it was the hunt for the small things that was particularly interesting.
Matchbox size entrances, on the harder parts of the ground, were indicating the presence of scorpions and we went after one. A foot-long piece of reed was used to show the direction of the tunnel and follow the burrow to where the scorpion lay. It took five minutes to dig an angry little scorpion out of its tunnel. The way you calm its temper is to put the scorpion in your mouth and sooth it with your tongue to made it docile and curiously relaxed. Best leave that to the bushmen.

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July 25, 2013 at 10:07 AM

oh goodness! i’ve only seen this one of the challenges in amazing race, and now here? wow.

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