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A recce into the depths of the Okavango Delta

Rear-Admiral Dorian Hoy, able-fisherman master Sam Hoy and I (tackle-master, bottle washer, deck-scrubber) threw caution to the wind and took off up a channel from Maun to see how far we could get into the swamps in a day.
Laden with drinks, snacks, binos and fishing tackle we launched at dawn, following a GPS route which we had downloaded from a contact in Maun. Our aim was to get to Gunns Camp, in the middle of the swamps, about 90 km from riverbank in Maun, and come back via an adjoining channel, stop for a swim, lunch and catch as many species of fish that time would allow. It made for an interesting day out carving through forests of papyrus and keeping on track – it is very easy to lose yourself in the maze of channels with no clear landmarks to identify.
The first third of the journey was getting up to the Moremi Reserve post and after that point the wildlife began appearing in greater quantities. The water is clear and cool and very inviting. Once the coast had been checked for all manner of beasts we climbed in, fished, ate and drank some cold beers. Altogether it took around 8 hours and I landed my first African Pike. We hardly saw a soul.

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December 02, 2013 at 04:12 PM

What an adventure! Botswana Rocks!

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